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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Let’s talk about packages….

I have played around with different ideas for packages, in fact, it is one of the thoughts that takes up much of my waking hours. I’m constantly reworking my own business’ offerings and I am passionate about what the coaches who work with me may want to offer.

What do you want to offer as your business’ packages?

What have you seen other coaches do?

What have you not seen other coaches do?

Where is the opportunity for you to under promise and over deliver for your clients?

What if your goal was to delight the client?

Below are some ideas to get you started thinking about packaging your coaching. With each one, think about how you can tweak these to delight the client.

Working with individuals outside of organizations in one-on-one coaching:

Packages of coaching in which signing up for multiple sessions results in a lower price for the client. For example, six sessions for the price of five or $100 off a package of eight sessions.

  • You know your typical clients best. How quickly do they get traction? What is the average number of sessions before they have achieved their coaching goals?

  • You know you best. How many sessions do you recommend? Are you wanting a long-term coaching relationship or more short-term?

Packages of coaching mixed with self-assessments.

  • If you are trained in a personality or other assessment, this is an opportunity to put that investment to work for you.

  • Self-assessments can be used with people looking for career changes, leader development, and family challenges.

Packages of coaching mixed with delighting the client.

  • Here is where I recommend that we spend our time thinking. We know the coaching is the delight—and what else can we bring to the coaching that would delight the client?

  • Coaching can be hard work for our clients. How can we bring something delightful to them that they don’t already expect?

Working with organizations, either with teams or with individuals:

Packages of time duration.

  • Large-scale cultural change will take over a year. (Poorly received change takes at least 10 years to complete.)

  • Teams will take 6 months to a year (or 10 if poorly received).

  • Leader and team coaching. A mix of leader development and helping them develop their teams.

  • Something I wish there was more of: Follower development. It’s not all about the leader.

Workshops can be combined with coaching. Examples of workshops:

  • How to _______ during COVID

  • Leader development

  • Team development

  • Negotiations

  • Union relationships

  • Bringing in a coaching culture

  • Communication

  • Conflict management

  • Crisis planning

  • Succession planning

  • Salesperson training

Workshops without coaching

  • Charge for your time when it is a business (e.g., a 2-day off-site)

  • Give it away when it is an organization where you are generating leads (e.g., chamber of commerce, professional organizations)

  • Always offer free coaching sessions at the end of the workshop (e.g., 60-minute just-what-the-heck-is-coaching sessions)

Executive team building

  • Multiple day retreats

  • Coaching before and after

  • Team coaching during meetings

What might delight a businessperson?

  • The pressure on leaders in business can be much more draining than in everyday life. How can you as coach bring something delightful to them?

As you can see, there are so many package possibilities—and I didn’t even touch life coaching.

What are your package possibilities?

How can you delight your clients?

How do you want to under promise and over deliver?

Want to get clear on what your business will offer? Get coached on it!

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