“I know a CFO who is interested in building a coaching business. I sent them to your website.”

What? A what? A CFO? Holy crap! My website isn’t ready for someone with that level of expertise. It isn’t professional enough. It’s too me! They will think I’m a total flake! They will never even consider hiring me because of my irrepressible need to sound snarky! I need to change everything! And I hate my current job. I really need to make my coaching business succeed! What was I thinking by being so funny on my website? No one wants funny when it comes to their business. Other biz dev coaches stress being professional (stuffy) on your website or no one will want to hire you. I hate stuffy! What if I get fired from my current job, and I have no clients? What will I do then? I have already ruined any relationship with that CFO because of my crap website. They will take one look at it, shake their head, tsk-tsk a bit, and tell everyone they know how badly I suck.

Have you been here, too?

In week 3, our gremlins and saboteurs begin to show up in force.

“Hey, how you doin’? Feeling good about yourself and your progress? Well, you would feel that way.” They are ready to ask us, “Who do you think you are?” And they are ready to remind us of all the ways we are not all that and a bag of chips.

The gremlins and saboteurs are wrong: Mine are, and so are yours. You can tell them I said so. They have no basis in reality! I have a PhD in business. I have taught people how to be C-suite leaders, and yet those pesky naysayers and confidence sappers were in my head naysaying and sapping.

I’m going to say it again: Your gremlins are wrong. You have expertise that is needed in the world. And before you think, “I’m only a coach,” remember:

Coaching is THE expertise that is needed in the world

And if you are now hearing them tell you that you aren’t even ACC yet, or only ACC, or just PCC, or not seasoned enough, or you need more degrees and letters behind your name, or you need more training in this particular area, or whatever else they are bringing in to steal your confidence, ask them to leave the room. They are not welcome, and they need to find something else to do. Maybe your gremlins could busy themselves by signing up for some how-to-be-supportive training?

What I know about business is clarity and tenacity bring success.

When we are clear on who we want to serve and how we want to serve them, when we make small adjustments while continuing down the path we have chosen, when we keep going and don’t give up, our businesses succeed.

Maybe, like me, you have an amazing partner who is supportive—and who maybe needs to consider becoming a coach (just throwing that out there, honey). Maybe you have supportive friends, children, pets, or other coaches. It is okay for us to have these moments of doubt, and it is okay for us to reach out to the those who leave us energized and moving forward, those who reflect who we really are back to us in a loving mirror of awesome.

The cohort model of this business development course is on purpose. We get to lean on each other, we get to share our successes and our freak-outs (see mine above), and we get to support one another as we do this really courageous thing.

My fear of having (in my mind) a very business-y businessperson look at my website came from doing a very courageous thing. And building my business isn’t the only courageous thing. The really courageous thing is being my authentic self while I am building my business—and helping others authentically build theirs, too. I suspect that the authenticity of coaching spoke to you like it spoke to me, and then maybe we sometimes get a little scared of how others might react if they see the real us.

When we see someone’s reaction to us, we know that to lean-in and get curious is the way forward. Let’s lean in and lean on each other, let’s show one another loving mirrors of awesome, and let’s do this courageous thing!

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