Build your 6 or 7 figure coaching business in 5 easy steps!

Build your 6 or 7 figure coaching business in 5 easy steps!

I am always attending webinars and looking at the advice (that word!) aimed at coaches that is supposed to help us grow our businesses. What I have found is that the advice is pretty similar wherever you go.

· You need to be developing leads constantly.

· You need to get over your resistance to sales.

· You must use a call log, and make sales calls every day.

· You must do exactly what the advice giver says.

· You need to push your coaching on friends and family.

· Force yourself to do it. Force yourself.

Pardon my expletive, but what the???

Could you imagine a therapist getting this same advice for building their practice? Take bold action to convert the clinically diagnosable! Get over your resistance to selling your services! Cold call people to ask if they need therapy. Give your friends and family one free therapy session, which would mean telling your family and friends that you think they need therapy. After they don’t want to be your friends and family anymore, ask them who they know that needs therapy, “And hey, would you send an introductory email?”

Maybe you have received some of this advice, and maybe you have followed some of it. Maybe you recall that first time when you shared with a potential client that the issue they are bringing is totally coachable and you would love to work with them. They balk a little at the thought, at the price, or at the potential for digging deeper than their ego wants right now.

And then the advice you have heard kicks in high gear in your head, and all of a sudden, your brain is screaming that you must land this client, or you will die penniless in the street! You become a salesperson just like I did.

As the potential client continued to say things like, “Well, maybe,” and “I’m not sure I could afford it,” I pushed and pushed, and I would not back down. I made the other person feel really uncomfortable to the point where they admitted to me that they did not want to be coached because it was too scary to dig deeper. Instantly I realized I had stopped coaching and become a sales bully. I apologized, and the potential client became a no-way-in-hell client.

Feel free to say that I did it wrong and that’s why it didn’t work because that is absolutely true. And it is also true that the potential client was never a potential client. I did not then ask if they knew someone who might need my bullying, I mean coaching, because I had gone too far. Had they given me a name, it likely would have been just to get me off their back.

What I see most often is business development advice givers who act more like Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glenross (Coffee is for closers!) than life or executive or leadership coaches.

I moved into coaching coaches on their businesses because the sales advice is not useful—and it can harm the business and the coach.

I’m not interested in building my business the pushy sales way. And I don’t ask or advise anyone to build theirs that way, either.

Advice closes our brains down—and the type of pushy sales advice we coaches often get not only closes our brains, it also can create feelings of panic. “Just do it” might be good for Nike. It isn’t good for interpersonal services.

What opens up our brains and souls to possibility and abundance? Being coached.

We all know this, so what are we doing when we follow sales advice? We know it is essential to be coached and that coaching is the best way to make any authentic, life giving, forward moving change. Coaching opens the way for playful, excited, innovative lives, businesses, and careers.

Building our businesses with the support of a coach is a total, to use business jargon, game changer.

I know I am going against all the advice you’ve been given. Yep. Because advice is worthless. I promise you that building a coaching business does not have to be forced.

Will it take longer? Perhaps.

Will it be more satisfying? Yes.

Will you coach the people who are the best possible match for you? Yes.

Will you remain your authentic self? Yes.

Will you be able to show up as a coach and do the thing you love? Yes.

Will your business be exactly what you want it to be? Yes.

Will you have to change you and turn your back on everything you were trained to do? No.

Building your coaching business should never require you to be someone you are not.

Rather than the ABC from Glengarry Glenross, “Always Be Closing,” how about we go with the ABCs we know work?

Always Be a Coach and Always Be Coached

Building a business is not hard. It can be joyful play as long as we keep advice out of it.

How might you joyfully play?

Get coached on it!

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