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Hand Embrace

Build your coaching business 

New classes and coaching starting

June 1, 2021

Get your business up and running in 12 weeks while enjoying the summer sun!

This is for you if

  • You recently graduated your coach training
  • You aren't sure who you want to serve
  • You are wanting a community of supportive coaches
  • You want to be coached and earn some reciprocal coaching hours 
When does it start?
June 1
What time?
Cohort 3: Tuesdays 10:00 - Noon
Cohort 4: Tuesdays 3:00 - 5:00PM
What does it cost?
The cost is normally $1200. If you register before May 14, it is $997 for five coaching sessions and five class cohort sessions--and I'll throw in an additional coaching kick off session for free!
What if I don't love it?
You can quit after two class sessions for a full refund.
Want to meet me first?
I love that idea!
Click here to schedule a 60-minute chat!

Now registering cohorts 3 and 4!

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~Erin Lawrence Cook
~Julie Stringham

"Essential!" That's what I tell other coaches. Wendy's class is an indispensable addendum to coach training. Entrepreneurial and internal coaches alike will benefit. Wendy creates an incredibly energizing, personalized and practical learning environment. She combines the best of business professor acumen, classroom discussion facilitator, and one-on-one coaching expertise. Best of all, the fog finally lifted for me toward the end of the journey. A clarity emerged that resulted in a strategic shift of direction. I charted a course full of tactile possibilities to test and discern.

~Jamie Greene 

After grappling with how to pitch my services without feeling too "salesy", Wendy artfully asked me if I needed to be salesy. What a concept! What if it was more effective to be authentically me, sharing a bit about who I am and what I could provide for their organization, without being so freaked out about the outcome. This permission to be an authentic coach and business owner set me free to reach out to others without feeling like I had to be something I was not. What a GIFT! Thank you Wendy for your insight, business acumen and support!  

~Cindy Rogan

What's been most useful is the customized coaching. Not only do I get to dig deeper into the concepts and questions I have, but also make real progress on my action plans. I'm finally gaining the knowledge and confidence to face the fears I've had about starting and growing my own business. I'm currently testing ideas about my niche and have 6 new clients to show for it. I can't believe how quickly I'm able to put the learning into action in ways that work specifically for me. What a gift it's been to be challenged and supported through this program.

~Erin Lawrence Cook 

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