Hi Wendy,

I got the contract with zero pushback on my rate (not even a mention!).


You literally earned me $10,000 more than I would have asked for on my own!


I’m almost in tears thinking about what would have happened if you hadn’t offered your time to me last weekend.

I loved Wendy's approach.


It's personable, empathetic, energetic with just the right amount of challenge!

Having the 121 coaching in-between each training held me accountable in setting and working toward my goals. Wendy was great at meeting me where I was and enabled me to get over some of the mental barriers I was facing.


I now have 12 clients who align wonderfully to my niche. Thank you Wendy! I highly recommend this course. Do it!


I have to say, my heart overflows with gratitude for you whenever I reflect on how you helped me last March/April negotiate with my employer.

Offering to share your subject matter expertise not only helped me propose a great exit plan but also embolden me to articulate the value of my coaching. I couldn't believe the response!! 


It led to them reaffirming my coaching role rather than taking it out of my job description as was their plan. In other words, "you saved the day" for me and helped pave the way for my ACC credentialing this summer! 

Cindy Rogan, ACC

After grappling with how to pitch my services without feeling too "salesy", Wendy artfully asked me if I needed to be salesy. What a concept! What if it was more effective to be authentically me, sharing a bit about who I am and what I could provide for their organization, without being so freaked out about the outcome. This permission to be an authentic coach and business owner set me free to reach out to others without feeling like I had to be something I was not. What a GIFT! Thank you Wendy for your insight, business acumen and support! 

Erin Lawrence Cook

What's been most useful is the customized coaching. Not only do I get to dig deeper into the concepts and questions I have, but also make real progress on my action plans. I'm finally gaining the knowledge and confidence to face the fears I've had about starting and growing my own business. I'm currently testing ideas about my niche and have 6 new clients to show for it. I can't believe how quickly I'm able to put the learning into action in ways that work specifically for me. What a gift it's been to be challenged and supported through this program.

Lori VanderBilt259 square normal.jpeg
Lori VanderBilt, PCC

Wendy’s program gave me clarity as I made decisions about my niche and where to focus my energy as I develop my coaching services. The group sessions helped me broaden my thinking and learn about options for how to market my practice in an authentic way with the support of other coaches, while the individual sessions gave me a chance to customize, set up experiments, and then reflect on my learning. I got more out of the program than I hoped. Wendy is supportive, knowledegable, and focused on results. I highly recommend her!

Julie Stringham, PCC, CMC


Erin Lawrence Cook