Hey, Awesome Coaches!

Join me!

March 22, 2021: The start of something big!

It's time to make your coaching business dreams a reality!

And help me with my 2.0 beta version

Space is limited to 6 coaches


Recently, I transitioned my business from coaching leaders, educators, and executives to helping coaches build their businesses. 

And--I'm bringing it to you!

My background is in teaching business, and I have been teaching people how to start and run businesses for 20 years.
I have useful subject matter expertise, and it is a huge waste not to use it to help coaches succeed!

Whatever your plan, it involves taking steps to build a successful and sustainable business. 

And I want you to be successful!

I have created is a 12-week course, and it is currently in it's 2.0 beta test.


The course

  • Delivered over 12 weeks in a cohort format
    • Why cohort? Because building our businesses can be really lonely—and coaches are amazing people to take classes with
  • Six bi-weekly synchronous (and recorded) class Zoom sessions where we cover mic-dropping material such as:
    • niche--it is who you market to—you coach who shows up
    • pricing--that you feel good about and confident charging
    • marketing/client attraction--coaches don’t pitch, coaches connect
    • packages/offers--workshops, consulting, leader development, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, anything and everything you are thinking about
    • branding--with or without the irons
    • partnering with other coaches--don’t go it alone if you don’t want to
    • hiring--when and how to hire employees—oh, yeah, your business can get that big
  • And six alternate week one-on-one coaching sessions
When does it start? Monday, March 22.
What does it cost?
Feedback and testimonials 
When this runs for real, it will cost $2500--with two extra coaching sessions for free! That is six class meetings and eight coaching sessions! Why? Because you are my tribe and I love you.
Cohort size?
Let's keep it small, around 6 people in a cohort.