Wendy Cook, PhD, ACC

Wendy Cook.jpg

I'm Wendy

After 20 years in higher education teaching hundreds of people each year to start, run, and lead successful businesses, I am bringing what I know to coaches.
I am a real person. I bring humanity to the process of building a business from the ground up. 
My life is dedicated to meeting each person where they are, and I will support you in your authentic journey. 


I'm here to tell you that you DO NOT need to be someone you are not just to build your business, and you don't need advice.
Who you are is who your clients need, and this whole process does not need to feel like standing on a stage naked or jumping off a cliff--it really doesn't!
My purpose in life is to work with you to get your business to be the success you envision it to be!
You can move into marketing and building your business as your authentic self--and be successful.
I'm an organic vegetable gardener, and I learn so much in the garden all the time. I have four cats (never planned to have that many) and one Great Pyrenees dog who is basically just a large cat. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my partner and two teenage children.