Where are you in your business?

What information do you need to know?

Who is in your corner?

What is most important for you?

What is your dream?

How can we best support you?

Here is what we offer:

Step 1: Schedule a free Zoom call where we talk about you, your dreams, your passions, and your frustrations. If it's a fit, then step 2.

Step 2: Coach/mentor, test, and learn. We work to bring your passion to reality--and we keep working until you find what is exciting and profitable today and tomorrow.

Step 3: Boldly implement the business that you love--and continue to love. 
Move to a monthly mastermind with other coaches or continue to meet individually with me.

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About Wendy

Wendy holds a PhD in Business Administration.

She works with hundreds of people each year as they build and lead their businesses, careers, and lives.

Wendy's background, process, and presence are always part of the coaching and mentoring relationship. She has over 20 years' experience teaching people to lead businesses, and she combines her knowledge with humor, patience, and insight to bring alignment around your goals and your needs.